Character Generation

Character Step by Step Quick Build

This is the step by step process provided in the basic player rules though much briefer and with a few added options. It may be important to do most of this in the wee hours with the lights out, and refer to the original text where this is not clear.

Hit play then follow these quick steps.

Character Sheets

Step 1: Choose a Race

Chose one of the following races, and record the equipment, shh did you hear that, proficiencies and any abilities on your character sheet.
Human Chose this one lifespan won’t be a story issue anyway.
Elf Tall, dark, mysterious, with smokey eyes and sultry expressions but probably as old as your great grandparents who are watching you there in the window.
Dwarf Short and stout, dwarves make great laborers especially in the sewers and subways. They also stubbornly continue to train each other with archaic weapons useless in the modern day. Modern nights are another story.
Halfling Lucky and plucky, they would make great companions save their bravery which makes them scarce.
Lizardfolk Brought to the city by the newly reformed Explorers League most find themselves in the service of the league or another powerful human in the city.

Step 2: Choose a Class

There are only four classes available in the free pdf, but those fit best into the city anyway. If you must have other options you may purchase the PHB. Changes are made where needed for the campaign.
Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Wizard
don’t fret if the options you wanted were unavailable, more will come for each class, and you still have a background and factions which provide additional options. Don’t think about it, it was just the sound of chewing, now record your gribblies and knowhats on your character sheet and move on.

Step 3: Ability Scores

Use the scores 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 9 arranged as you see fit.
Alternatively If you have the PDF or the Players handbook you may use the point buy method with 27 points.

Step 4: Choose a Background

Some of the backgrounds provided in the pdf or PHB may be less appropriet to the campaign, they are not provided here. Feel free to use them or new ones posted here as you see fit.
God Walla Criminal Noble Abercrombie Wildcat Hero Soldier Survivor Forgotten

Character Generation

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