Lizardfolk Traits

Ability Score Increase. your Strength is increased by 2
Age. A Lizardfolk reaches adulthood at the age of 13 and generally lives well into their 40s
Size. Medium
Speed. 30ft and 30ft swim speed
Natural Armour. You have Natural Armour equal to 12, Each time you gain an ability improvement (at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 18th levels) you may instead to improve your Natural Armor by 1 and Improve one ability score by 1. You may do this each time you gain an ability score improvement for maximum Natural Armor of 17 at 18th level.
Bite. Lizard folk are proficient with their bite. Bite damage is equal to 1d6 plus strength modifier.
Hold Breath. The lizardfolk can hold its breath for 15 minutes.
Creepers. Even through The Veil people know there is something not right about you. You have disadvantage with any charisma checks or charisma based proficiency check except Charisma (intimidation) while inside the city of Waterdeep.
Languages. You can speak Draconic.

Lizardfolk of Waterdeep

The Lizardfolk of Waterdeep normally fill roles of body servants or thugs. Their strange demeanor and clear difficulty with the language makes them ill suited to most environments. They do manage to blend in visually much better inside Waterdeep than in other cities, and their scales and strength come in handy on the streets at night.

Notes on Natural Armor

Natural armor appears to have significantly changed. It is no longer applied in addition to armor, but in place of. A creature with Natural Armor has a base AC that they add their Dexterity Bonus to. Creatures with Natural Armor use shields normally. If a creature with Natural Armor wears Armor only the higher value is used. Creatures are always proficient with their Natural Armor, and count as unencumbered. Natural Armor never causes disadvantage to stealth even should at Armor Classes over 15.

Creatures with Natural Armor count as armored for the purposes of the Mage Armor spell(I think).


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