Campaign Primer

The Shards of Darkness campaign is set in Faerun in the classic D&D world of The Forgotten Realms, but roughly 600 years after the current Tyranny of Dragons story-line. This format offers nostalgic locals with new challenges and stories. With the already rich history of The Realms to build upon the campaign sees adventurers in a culture similar to 1920’s earth down the rabbit hole and into the Underdark.

It should be clear that the world of Faerun as we shall know it is not a vibrant high magic and technology world. The campaign should be from steempunk or camp, and much closer to noir or horror. Certain campaign features make this possible, and define the world with as few additional rules as possible. For further resources and campaign description follow the heading link.

Campaign Features

The Veil encompasses the entirety of the Sword Coast in a sphere of ignorance to the supernatural happenings in the rest of the world. While vile men surely live among the residents and rulers of Waterdeep, unbeknownst to most not all such evil is human. While the population is mostly human even the most grotesque of monstrous humanoids appear but men in the light of day. The Veil also protects the humans of the Sword Coast and beyond from the horrible effects of magic, or failing that from the memory of it. Those men who do manage to pierce The Veil through some horrible luck are surely pulled into conspiracies or adventures. Either more likely to end in exile, death or worse than in riches and glory. Firearms, are a small relief. Firearms great at killing humans, and a few of the lessor denizens of the Underdark may succumb to a weight of lead from a Balduran Typewriter. Though a rifle does a terrible job of cutting off a head, and your coins are made largely of zinc. Whats worse in their myopic current administration the Ministerum Reliquarius has destroyed all the magical Firearms from the last age.

Campaign System

The Campaign will use the newest rules for Dungeons and Dragons with some new options for Character Generation and Equipment. You can purchase the PHB at any FLGS or bookstore if you would like the full breadth of character options. However, there should be sufficient campaign specific options to make the four core classes compelling. The new Character Generation system is streamlined considerably, and the overview is provided here with links for ease. Of course you will need to download the basic rules for Dungeons and Dragons and give them a quick read to see how things have changed. If you choose a wizard or cleric pay special attention to the spellcasting and spell preparation rules.

Shards of Darkness

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